Poem -

Lazy Days of Summer

Ocean and sky and wind and sand
These things always meant summer.
Watermelon with nasty seeds that I know I swallowed.
Fireworks going off with lots of smoke
The little ones get so tired waiting for the sparklers.
You and I get our chairs and post them where its safe.
Watching the ice cream churn and 
Sippung on a beer.
This could not be better if  I was royalty.
This is my heaven and I know it.
These lazy days of Summer.

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Cherie Leigh

I love the summer months too and all the associations that come with it. The Lazy Days are the best, and go to fast...Great imagery you share to give that undeniable feel of it... Love n Hugs, Cherie  (welcome back!)

ElAine Hillston

Cherie Sumner-Taylor!!!
Wow and Wow!!!
Boy am I slowing down !  When did you two tie the knot?  I am so happy for you I truly am.  Do you live in Chicago now??   oxoxox. Yaknow me ya know.  :)