Poem -

Lean on Me

Lean on Me

She called again today,
I stifle all my pain
Hide who I am to lend a hand
To be a friend
I hang on talking till goodbye

Tears break from my eyes
I don’t even question, don’t ask why

Grief resounds loudly
Heart breaking stone
We lost the same person
He left us both alone
I hide the pain I’m feeling
Deep inside the dark

Never let anyone see me,
Completely fall apart

She’ll call again,
I can almost guarantee
She’ll cry just like today
And I will listen,
Cease to be

Stifled invisible
A ghost within the rain

I will keep my distance
And hide away my pain
I am always steady
Lending out an ear
No one will see me bleeding
I never share my tears

RRG © 9.15.19


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Intense words well written poetry angel

Zac Bradbury

Great poem
A lot of emotion in this writing 
shows real feelings 
love it 💯

RRG (Rebecca)

Thank you so much Zac for reading, commenting, and visiting my ink. 
I'm glad you could feel the emotion in this. :)

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Awww...I sometimes do the same thing....as others in pain seem to always need help and there is no time to sort through my own pain.  An empathetic heart is a blessing and a curse.  The emotional toll can be very hard for one who is sensitive, but has to push their tears inside to help others.  Very honest write.  I can relate. xo ;)      

RRG (Rebecca)

Hi Cherie :)
I was in the ICU recently with a sick relative, in the family room surrounded by countless relatives. I suddenly found myself sitting between two people consoling them... Arms wrapped around them, rubbing their backs as pain lanced through their hearts... and I thought... where is my pain? How can I sit here dry eyed? 
The hard part is when I get home and I'm still numb because I've pushed my feelings so deep that I cannot access them. Then they pour out at the most inopportune time and I'm flooded lol. 
I can understand how that sympathy can turn to resentment. Distance becomes preferable. Empathy is a powerful gift. :)
Thank you sweet poetic sister. 
Blessings, Rebecca

Marion Price

Very honest well written words Rebecca...identified and enjoyed 🌹

RRG (Rebecca)

Thank you beautiful friend. Appreciate that. :) Blessings