Poem -

Let In The Light

Let In The Light

The road maybe long
And weary be the fight
Darkness invades the soul
Like day making way for night
Even at your weakest
When your path is out of site
Walk a little, talk a little
Let in the light

The struggle maybe real
Holding on with all your might
Worlds collide as identity
Floats in distance like a kite
Reaching for yourself
Yet every mask you wear ain't right
Smile a little, laugh a little
Let in the light

Maybe you want to give up
You found no reason to your why
Fear surrounds your every thought
Like clouds blocking out the sky
There is hope behind your sorrow
The suns still there shining bright
Cry a little, try a little
Let in the light

A flame may go dim
Ashes fall, but embers rise
Layer upon layer
Smoke is choking out your cries
A fire ignites your tears
The circumhorizontal arcs in your eyes
Show a little, glow a little
Let in the light

One may lack courage
As the chains are weild on tight
It dawn's on you
The greatest enemy you have is in your mind
A voyage to serenity
Is a journey that takes time
Love a little, learn a little and let in the light

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Being Me

Oh I love this! I think it is well written (loving the repetition). And I love the message it brings

​​​​​​let in the light

Indeed! x