Poem -

"Let Jesus Fight!"

"Let Jesus Fight!"

"Sing out sweet melodies,
of what God has done,
and follow The Path,
chosen for you,
by His Son,
for you have been saved,
and your new life,
has just begun,
so keep that peace,
through every storm.

You have been reborn,
a new life has been given,
so let it be,
purpose driven!
Become what Jesus,
needs you to be,
to combat the sea of misery,
and when you fall,
or you stall,
remember your recovering addict,
brothers and sisters,
and just call,
don't ever lose faith,
even at the end of it all!

I am here to tell you,
Jesus makes A Way,
so just stop,
and listen when you pray,
because everything,
is going to be okay.
It will all,
be alright,
so take heart,
and let Jesus fight The Fight!"

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Nice write angel