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Let’s Go Krogering

Let’s Go Krogering

Every Saturday morning at seven, we take Cookie to PetSmart Doggie Day Care;
Across the street is a shopping center, with a Super Kroger’s there!
It’s a great time to go for groceries, the crowds are very few;
Oft times while in an aisle, we sneak a kiss or two!
It’s a prelude to our appointment, every week when we get back;
After putting away the groceries, it’s time to hit the sack!
For instead of tearing into breakfast, we race to our boudoir;
To consummate the last item on our shopping list, the most important thing by far!
So, thank you well-known Krogers, for whetting our appetites;
For selling “pasta fazool”, that gives us food for thought, our passions at full height!
Who would have thought that a supermarket, would stoke our libidos beyond compare;
It must be Linda pushing the shopping cart, as I watch the swaying of her hair!
We go Krogering
And come home with food for thought
Downing it quickly


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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry.....I get such a kick out of the love between you and Linda...how playful and passionate you two are.  It is sweet and inspiring...and makes me aware of how love should be...You have such a bond and sensual understanding between each other.  It is so cute.  I need a Kroger store here! Lol  Thanks for making me smile.  xo Love n Hugs  

Larry Ran

Our dear Cherie,

We don't limit ourselves to Krogers!  We've also been seen kissing at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.  I remember reading several years ago, that singles often went to groceries at night, to meet other singles.
Now that we're married, we go in the mornings to meet each other's lips.

All our Love,
Linda and Larry xxx