Poem -

Letter To Transylvania

Letter To Transylvania

To whom it concerns
Vlad, prince of Wallachia
Voivode of the dark is gone
So I write, to you I write this letter, sir
Before the waking dawn

I've gone to so much trouble, to such great lengthsΒ 
​​​​​​ToΒ change in metamorphic glory
Losing so much to gain so little
Still I am writing in the same old story

So I write to you this letter out of desperation
I write it in blood, from my staked heart
I was a cold, bloodthirsty nightlife being
I tore everyone's world apart

Until I decided to change for the sake of humanity
I impaled the old me like the Wallachian prince
The new me was loved, but not by my Mina
I've been in love ever since

I am in blood, I am in pain
And I will change once more in metamorphic glory
Please send me your cape, your entrancementΒ 
That I may use to win her
And rewrite my story