Poem -

Letting Her in

Letting Her in

In the air, 
there is a chill. 
It seeps and slithers around your heart,
constricting life and encasing it within ice.

All she wants is to share
this warmth she claims to feel. 
You could enjoy this hear together. Word depart
from soft lip, "for my love, there is no price.
I will forever cherish you, this I declare.
If you'll just share in my thrill. 
Uniting in passion, with you, would be an art. 

The summer breeze of her words do dare
to warm your frozen heart.
Allow her words to revive its beat, take her deal.
Uncertainty grips your soul as you think it may not be smart.
Just close your eyes, breathe in her sweet scent.
Take this advice. 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Rebecca....It sounds like he is hesitant to surrender to her love...and could be missing out.....I like how this reads as a story and the narrator encourages him to accept her offer...to be tempted and let go...I like that angle you chose..Great work! xo ;)