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Linda Had A Brain Fart

Linda Had A Brain Fart

Things went real well yesterday, at Linda’s first day on the job;
I had made some arrangements with her, to hear from my heart throb!
I told her to call me at 11 a.m., or a little later, if too busy;
I laid down on the sofa, and put the phone right next to me!
11 a.m. came and went, I figured she was in a jam;
But by noon I was getting angry, didn’t she give a damn?
By 12:30 I got real worried, but I had promised not to call;
But at 1 p.m., I finally broke down, no longer could I stall!
She answered on the second ring, saying she was worried sick about me;
I said, “The phone never rang one time, insane you’ve got to be”!
She replied “Just check your cell phone Honey, I’ve left you several messages”;
“But you haven’t answered one of them, and I’ve been in a nervous tizz”!
I chuckled and said “My Darling, didn’t I tell you yesterday”?
“To call me on the home phone, my cell phone would be put away”!
She said “Oh my God I’m sorry, I’ve had a real brain fart”;
I answered “Not to worry sweetheart, you are a priceless work of art”!
                               Sorry wrong number
                      Don’t call me on my cell phone
                               If you want to talk


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Cherie Leigh

Lol....You and Linda had a bit of "miscommunication".....I am happy that her first day went well, despite the missed calls.....It was sweet that  you wanted to hear from her and eagerly waited by the phone,....just the "wrong" phone...lol....You two are cute...I love your devotion to be there for each other.  Made for an original poem...I chuckled at Linda's picture....perfect!  xo Love n Hugs ;) 

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

I came up with a solution to prevent things like this from happening again, while she's at work.  I take a felt tip pen, and write reminders on her arm.  Ha, Ha!  Glad I can make you laugh.

All my love,
Larry xxx