Poem -

Lingo of the Scots

Lingo of the Scots

 Us Scot's have oor ain language

Where ken means know
And Barry isn’t a man
A radge isn’t a pregnant fish
Eating haggis fae a can
Ginger is the hair colour
And what we call our juice
We call our homes our hames
And a mouse is called a moose
Cunt is used to describe everyone
Good cunt, bad cunt - you know?
When you get into a fight
We call it a “square go”
If your from Glasgow
Your Glaswegian
If you support celtic
Your a “fenian”
A drink is a dram
Your uncles called tam
Your maw or ma
Well that’s just your mam
If you’re a ger your a hun
Invernesians say “mun”
Wan is for one
Guys wear man buns
Deep fried mars bar
From the chippy
“Baltics” how we describe
When its cold & nippy
Man skirts are kilts
Doon the barras for wilts
Recycling old tops
To stitch some quilts
Dressing gowns are goonies
Flashin yer arse is a moony
And anyone mad
Is called a “loony”
If your pretty your bonnie
If your going to
Your gawny
And that’s some of the Scottish sayings

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Hi Stacey! loving this even tho' a  hated Sassanach !! my own favourites are 'Mony a mickle maks a muckle' and 'You're all bum and parsley'!  A really refreshing subject matter and great fun! Well done
Lodigiana xx

S Macdonald

Lol thanks lodigiana , I understand for some who it Scottish or heard a Scottish person speak it might be a little hard to understand , I'm glad you understood the humerous side :) xx

Grant Wright

Aright pal, really enjoyed this wee beauty. Cheers. 


S Macdonald

thanks grant , really enjoyed writing it, bit of fun, was shocked it was nominated to the competition and people are voting, only joined a couple of weeks ago :)