Poem -

Little one

Poorly boy

Little one

Little one 

I wish I could take 
How your feeling right now 
I wish I could make 
You better but how

Staring into space 
My poorly little boy
Blank expression on his face 
usually full of joy

Holding my hand so tight 
I’ll never let go 
Cuddling in all night
Full of love that you show 

It hurts me to see you this way
Usually full of life
Always wanting to play 
It’s not a permanent strife 

I promise you son 
Daddy’s got you forever 
Everyday I have won 
Because we are together 


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Marion Price

There is not much in life that hurts us more than seeing our child hurt. Lovely write Zac 🌹🌹

Zac Bradbury

Very true you just wish you could take it away on the plus side he seems to be on the mend bless him and glad you enjoyed the poem thankyou very much :)

Tony Taylor

Hello ZAC!!......this is a gorgeous write...... not just for its sentimental intent and delivery..... which is VERY well conceived and delivered...... but also for the well conceived and penned A,B,A,B rhyme scheme!!....... this really got to me emotionally for the Father & Son aspect!!........ALL STARS!!....... well done dear poet brother!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo.  : )

Zac Bradbury

Thankyou very much I’m glad you enjoyed my poem I put my complete emotion in this never nice when a child is poorly bless him thankyou very much for the positive feedback much appreciated :)