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I’m lost,
don’t know if i’ll ever be found,
i just want someone to hold me and tell me everything’s gonna work out,

it’s like i’m broken beyond disbelief,
it’s like no one is ever there to look after me,

it’s like the world is looking down on me,
telling me to be a better me ,
telling me to fix myself before anyone can see,

but what if i don’t how who i am,
what if i’m too broken no one can see,
what if its too late and no one can fix me,

i don’t know who i am,
i don’t know how i let all of this just get to me,
i don’t know why i cant let anything just be,

i don’t recognize myself anymore,
i look into the mirror and all i see is a reflection,
never anything more,

i look inside my eyes and it’s like i’m trapped and no one is willing to open the door,
it’s like i’m screaming and crying lying on the floor,

screaming for help,
help i might not receive,
help that i desperately need,

help that i don’t deserve,
bc if i did the why did they all desert me,

why can’t anyone help me??
i’m literally screaming for anyone,
all i ask is please don’t desert me,

please don’t leave,
don’t leave me with the thoughts in my head,
the thoughts that can’t be caught,
the thoughts that will eventually lead me dead,

i cant do this anymore,
i just need someone,
 just one person,
to help me off of this floor..

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Kristen Landrum

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