Poem -

“thoughts in my brain”

“thoughts in my brain”

my head still won’t rest,
there are endless thoughts swirling around my brain that i just can’t seem to contain,

it’s like a rapid wave that just keeps flushing my thoughts and sinking me into a cave,
a cave that just can’t be maintained,

i need something to calm the pain,
something to maintain my thoughts and inner brain,
one thing that will get me the fuck out of this cave,

nicotine surrounds my body,
it takes over my life,
it gives me something to look forward to and it even helps at night,

it calms the thoughts,
it heals the pain,
but soon it’ll all go away and i’ll be stuck here feeling the same,

feeling as if life isn’t the same,
feeling as if nothing in this world will make my day,

all this pain comes from a place i can’t explain,
it comes from a place that’s dark and unable to be maintained,

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