Poem -

Lost In Translation

Lost in translation
Heart feels like its spinning
I was born to lose
With an illusion of winning.
Nothing was ever real
Everything was a lie
A child under mind control
All I want to know is why?
Why would anyone be so cruel
To shatter someones mind
And blame them for all?
I treasured my family
Although something wasn't right
And the whole thing fell apart
When I began to find my sight.
Then they threw me in the camp
Without a care, without a heart
With pretty lies so condescending
Now the moon is my ark.
With the sun still shining 
Within this cage
Some days I feel like a child again
And others I feel aged.
I just want to be the girl
I always used to be
Such a vivid imagination
With treasures they cant see.
Yet I cant see the dull truth
I'm in the garden of my mind
Away with the fairies
With my old life left behind.
Oh how I wish to go back
And yet there are some things I love
About the wonderland experience
So many ideas I have
So many fantasies they'd love to know
With my heart feeling freer
As I escape from confinement
A pendulum swinging from fire to snow.
Does God exist?
If so I wish he loved me
As much as I loved him
But the truth is humans are capable of so much
And science is now the 'thing'.
Magic is science undiscovered
The truth is far from here
Perhaps the lie is a better place
But I'll never find freedom from fear.

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