Poem -

Mary's Garden

How does Mary's garden grow?
Not a scooby, its all covered in snow.
How does the moon change colours and size?
The drama queen of a film set, a star on the rise.
How lucky and blessed is the girl they all mock
But she cries for a lover yet he has long since forgot.
How many birds sit on her roof
To watch and guard her every move.
Paparazzi paper dolls
Camera flashes and hair like trolls.
Fingers and toes crossed for some miracle
The boat never arrives for this girl.
The flying ship in the sphinx is rotten
The wood has now rotted away
Like her beauty and her happiness
No one cares, she doesn't want to stay.
But nobody will listen to her
She feels like shes losing her mind,
Shes the psycho sister they love to hate
What a jealous world filled with swine.