Poem -

The Devil in Eye

Eye am the devil
A no eyed deer
A wildling at birth
Cant be tamed my dear.
They can try as they might
And my heart is of gold
My lust is insane
And my wisdom's of old.
To pick up the pieces
Of a shattered mind
To retrace the steps
To the past I will find.
A stick and a stone
Used to break all my bones
And a skip and a hop
My inner child cant stop.
With bloodstains on the walls
Yet I wont be told why
All that I get fed
Is bullshit and lies.
Shattered in seven
He is shattered in four
I don't need to be told that
But I know that for sure.
I pick up on signs
And ignore some others
And wish that I had
The support of my brothers.
But no I am alone
No forgiveness for me?
Instead you trash my house
And hack down my tree.
Symbolically sending messages
You know I'll understand
Trying hard to rise above
All the childishness and bullying at hand.
Disrespect of God's creatures
Yet you disrespected me
My greatest crime was love
I love too much, you see.
Yet when I look at the world
Sometimes I feel its something they lack
They complain when I put in effort
And they complain when I slack.
Trying to keep myself busy
Until my time is up
No phone to call or play on
Just my boredom, the fool and his pups.
oh to bring back wonderland
And the re-open the shops
To skip along like the deer
Or like Miss O'Hare, she hops.
Grow back my garden I pray
Grow back my flower too
Bring back the things we've lost
And make everything anew.

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