Poem -

Love Is Love

You ever met someone who’s so out of this world yet so down to earth?
When y’all next to each other your hearts are in sync.
Im talking real love.
On the phone for hours talking about random things. 
Got you online shopping thinking of copping a diamond ring.
Knowing you can’t afford it but she’s so perfect and when that day comes it’ll be worth it.
Forget the physical attraction that’s so common.
Mentally bonding.
I wanna know what bothers you, what excites you
Got me writing poems you know I really like you.
So much I think I love you, no I know I do. 
Been heartbroken so much everything seems too good to be true.

Bare with me, when there’s something on your mind share with me.
Most of all care for me.
Too many people carelessly damaged me.

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