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Mammy’s mini me 💕

Mammy’s mini me 💕

“Mamma” “Dadda” was my childrens first words.. spoken from my little ones, the cutest words I’d ever heard.. there is surely nothing nicer than babbling baby talk.. as they toddle around the floor taking their first steps to walk

As innocent as a little lamb and as busy as a buzzy bee, sleeping in slumberland from worn-out energy..chitchat, child language..jibber-jabbering patter, blethering babblement.. cheerful talking chatter..twiddle-twaddle gossip, sweet talking in your ear.. prattle on palaver from Mammy’s mini me so dear

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Cherie Leigh

Oh!  How I miss those days!  Precious years with the babies coming....One of my babies grown and married now out of my four..It is so hard to see them grwo up....Babies are so beautiful!  Sigh...Thanks for reminding me of those sweet times.  xo Love n Hugs