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Mermaid's (The story tellers warning)

Mermaid's (The story tellers warning)

Uncontrollable feeling of drowning
Theres never enough air underwater
But the view is astounding
How can you notice the view when you are drowning?

Underwater madness they call it
Consuming to much salt water
Can you hear the lullaby?
The singing of Mermaid's

Their song consumes your thoughts
To the point you forget water is invading your lung's
The melody makes you stop fighting
Instead it makes you welcome the darkness

On land you can fight it
In water you'll wind up dead
Creatures of the sea will surround you
Trying to block out the loud melody

They never seem to get there in time
Once in water you'll never see day light again

Mermaid's are told to be helpful creatures
But that is a story holding a myth
Mermaid's enjoy the bloodshed of others
Good thing they don't exist

At least, Thats what they want you to think
So you'd go into the sea

They'll pull you under and sing their sweet lullaby
Making you feel protected
Sadly, you never were

Stay away from the water
Don't push it aside as a myth
Don't go into the sea and prove me right
I'd say you'll regret it, But there is no time for regret

You will no longer feel afraid
No longer notice the lack of oxygen
No longer have any thoughts
The Mermaid's have just begun

I've warned you many times before
Pushing my warnings away with a laugh
It's not on me, it's all on you
This is the last warning this story teller will say

Stay away from the blue.

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Tony Taylor

Hey QUEEN!!.... this is VERY compelling..... in that you've captured so many elements of the powerful Myths and Legends surrounding mermaids...... I've read quite a bit and seen some amazing information concerning those delightfully dangerous creatures!!.... you've done a fine job here.,.... clever and poetic!!.......ALL STARS!!.... well done dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧