Poem -

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Oh, message in a bottle, please come and rescue me

Oh message in a bottle, come take me out to sea

With rum and fun, oh sail and spray, what adventures there could be!

If only, if only, my message and bottle ,would come and rescue me 

what a life would await, were I not bound by my fate, to temptresses, mistresses, brawlers and priests 

Oh how high and mighty they will all be! when at last my bottle calls me to sea 

i will not falter nor will my son or my daughter, when my bottle comes for me

Gladly I go, to the maiden I know, the shining, great, blue Sea


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This is so beautiful filled with longing and nostalgia and creating vivid imagery that draws the reader right into the emotions being felt by the writer..lovely job! Lodigiana x