Poem -

Midnight Raid

(The happy hostage)

Desert dunes 
Blown into twisted parapets
Ornaments extreme from the 
Natural world
Riding swiftly in the darkness
Only the perplexing moon
To light our way
My mare she is a desert pride
From the best mares come the best stallions
This was my father's words
I am being stolen
By a rival kingdoms prince
He is so very fair to look at 
With a boyish grin and pearl white teeth
I am so delighted for this attack
No one could have suited me better
He has fine taste in brood mares as well
this boy who would be King
Now we are racing towards the dawn
Our horses lengthening out full stride
The sound of their breath in 
Loud explosions
We are tracking neck to neck
My mare she  has a deep heart
bur she cannot match the stallion
His strong arched neck is drenched with sweat
As he sails past us at the end.
That is no concern
I am so joyous he is my jailer
For a sentence of a kingdom
to finally be a queen.


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Marion Price

What a lovely romantic story Violet, who doesn't want to be swept away by a prince...well I used to, now I'd rather have a cuppa😄...lovely write 🌹🌹

Violet Freese

Thank you Marion.  I would love to live this fantasy ( if I was younger,)
i love horses I rode show horses for years when I was younger.  But never in the Sahara ! Sigh