Poem -

Miracle of Life

Miracle of Life

He was here
A son, a brother, a father
He is a true friend,

His richness for life
Quenching his thirst
For the passion of what can be

He works hard
He plays harder
Enveloping those around him

A hearty laugh
Closely he embraces his family
Life is a wishing well

He tosses the coin of existence
Into Mother Earth’s inviting hands
With hopes to continue his good fortune in life

His success is masterful
He smiles at where his life has ventured
Thankful for the fruit of his labor he can share

But then, a pause, short and decisive
He is stolen from his existence
Tossed into a coma of darkness and despair

Even the tears and prayers
Do not find their way
Through the binds and ties
That  holds him to his clutching bed

He sleeps silently
Beneath the covers of truth be told
No magic, no drugs, no control
His body lay quiet, he breathes, he is warm

The hemorage was undeniable
He was the victim intended by God's hands alone
Why would he choose someone so young, so special
So needed, so much more to accomplish in life

Everyday we visit him, talk to him
We wish him to awake from this coma
He sleeps, he sleeps, he sleeps
The outcome unknown, time with no control
We need a Miracle of Life 

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Mia Terra

I hope you recieve this miracle 

Faith Van Riel

thank you Crystal, a miracle indeed is what we need xo

Larry Ran

Dear Faith,

Just like the poetess who penned this
"Faith" is the answer to one's prayers
Believe in the Creator
And He ever will be there

Hugs, Peace, and Love,
Larry xxx