Poem -

Mother’s Shadows

Mother’s Shadows

She is walking in the shadows of her Mother
Tho it’s bygone years since they met
Yet it could have been just yesterday
Her dear Mam, she could never forget

She wasn’t very old when her lovely Mam passed
Maggie was only sweet  sixteen
But the last twenty years have went so fast
Life’s been so hard & very mean

Working as a waitress in the mall 
in the city
Maggie gets tipped well coz she is so pretty
Tho she was married to her Alfie,
That was only last year
She now lives on her own coz he had an affair

Maggie takes after her Mam
She’s a very well-liked lass
Was raised with good manners
& always acted better class
But reality wasn’t so, she would never be well-off
Maggie was her Mam’s little Princess but she could never be a toff

At least she has a job, things could be worse
Sadly when her Mam died. 
Maggie was planning to be a nurse
But left all alone, she had her crippled Father to tend
No funds for a college with very little to spend

A couple years later her poorly Dad passed too
Maggie was now truly on her own
Feeling heartbroken & blue
So she got this job where she works today
Thats where she met her man
Tho she regrets that in a way

Goodness only knows what life has in store
But she doesn’t want any sadness
Maggie can’t take anymore
Her dream is to be content, 
Nothing more, just live happily
Maybe meet an honest gent
Have a perfect little family