Poem -

Mr Fredderick Krueger

Mr Fredderick Krueger

Let me tell you about a pal of mine,
He first appeared way back in time,
Dubbed the Springwood Slasher coz he killed some folk,
So the parents burnt him alive so that he would croak.

Sounds kind of harsh but please don't dismay,
None of the charges stuck so he got away,
So the the parents got together to make some plans,
And that's when they took the law into their own hands.

Judging by descriptions, he had returned,
Still wearing red and green and full of burns,
Somehow cheating death he appeared in dreams,
Elm Street once again were full of screams.

If you died in your sleep you were dead for real,
So the idea of dreaming really did not appeal,
But the course of a human means you need to rest,
This is where Freddy really does his best.

A stabbing over here and a slashing over there,
It seems like Freddy was everywhere,
He freaked us out and wouldn't let you settle,
With his noisey calling card of razors on metal.

Waking up with old Freddy, Nancy pulled him out of dreams,
Now in the real world he could bad or so it seems,
But Nancy had other ideas and booby trapped the house,
Had to coax him past these points, like leading an evil mouse.

It is safe to say that he didn't remain dead,
And thoughts of Freddy Krueger, eternally in my head,
A good old fashioned horror flick, which rarely can be beat,
Thank you to Wes Craven for the Nightmare On Elm Street.

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