Poem -

Mr Death Goes a Reaping

Mr Death Goes a Reaping

How lucky we are in the Western world,
See us stride across the stage,
Brandishing our flags unfurled
So certain as we write each page..

The way we want to ‘put things right’
Interfere in others business
The impetuousness of our second sight
When we have god as our witness.

Seems to me that we are now the problem,
The world needs not our solution,
As we juggle the balls so we drop them
Only adding to the whole confusion.

The old saying is that as you sow,
Thus you will surely reap.
We destroy the world slowly as we go,
Though it was never ours to keep.

A poet said when the world ends
It will not be with a bang but a whimper.
And we will stand alongside Mr Death
Wishing we had kept it simpler.


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ooff...amen and amen to that. who was it that said "if I see you in the afterlife, I'll know I've gone to hell" ?? lol. anyways, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME WRITE!