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My camaradarie of companions

My camaradarie of companions

My camaradarie of companions mean the whole wide world to me, steadfast shoulders to cry onto whilst they are carefree company, granted some may be a trifle comically crazy bordering on insanity, but haha we are like birds of a feather flocking together happily

I found my friendships fluttering free in Cuckooland, a hilarious haven full of gaga greatness all of which are uniquely grand . Many moons ago I was sat perched on a purple plank just listening to their patter, then only the ones that I’d singled out well then I went over for a natter . Just like a gel of wobbly jelly, blobs of strawberry sweet our fun was infectious yet not like blisters on our feet . I adore my lovely ladies and they will all know who they are, my mad as a hatter musical melodies of brilliance bizarre 

We laugh, we cry as timelessness passes us by . sitting slurping our cuppas in our local haunts and every now and then we go walking on our fitness jaunts . Moments of marvellousness spent with my chums and I putting the wide world to rights, drinking our frothy latte discussing our daily delights . Priceless people that I hold in very high esteem, all have natures of natural as they are what they seem . Brilliant buddies that brighten up my day embracing with encouragement at the silly things I say

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