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My dyslexic days

My dyslexic days

My dyslexic days
trip me up on the inside.
Cause me to me to change the time, by simply looking.

I’m so amazing I don’t even know I’ve done it.
Until I turn up an hour later to that appointment.

That appointment that was important.
You were there
I wasn’t,
except I was,
just an hour later.

I had the right date,
the right month, 
the right room, 
just not the right hour.

That was out of my power!
Even after triple checking, 
photographing the calendar.
The wrong time prevailed in my fabulous mind. 

That’s how my dyslexic ways trip me up many times in a day. 

Some I catch before I’ve fallen victim to the letter switch, 
the number switch, 
my mind switch, 
it plays me switch, 
I don’t even know that I’ve done a switch!

That’s how crazy it is.

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Liliana of the ...

I am also dislexic and enjoy being different . I embrace my flaws , and see my out of the box way of thinking as an advantage . Dislexic people use both sides of there brain . How cool is that . 

Garth Vader


I was seen as stupid growing up, simply because I learn differently. I love my dyslexic brain, but during this last week it simply kept tripping me up, causing me to miss several appointments. Lol.
This poem is me marvelling at how my brain does that with out me catching it. It’s very clever. 🙃

Liliana of the ...

Glad you love  your way of thinking and your brain . Keep up the clever writing .