Poem -

My fault

PS. This actually happened to me

My fault

I don't trust 
I hide my emotions 
that's all I know how to do
my ex said I was a fake bitch 
said nobody would ever love me 
that it's my fault for the Holocaust
maybe he was right 
maybe I am a fake bitch
that nobody would ever love me 
so I stay to myself 
i hide in my own little world 
and it's all my fault for not being good enough 
my fault that I'm just me 
maybe one day I don't have to be myself for once 
maybe I would be loved if I was heartless 
I'm sorry but you did this to me 
I'm sorry that I'm just nobody

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Pratibha Savani

Oh Teresa so sad this poem and feeling of self worthlessness. I've been there. I hope you are in a better place now, especially if you have been able to express it into this and post it on here.
Written and reads well, just sad to read stuff like this. 
Hope to read some positive poems from you as a result of this one. You make who you are xxx