Poem -

My journey

Ask me if I really care?
To be honest, I thought I did but not anymore.
Not when I have come farther than I did with you.
I still have my trials and my tribulations to endure.
The scars from the pain I inflicted on you and on those I loved.

I could sit here and listen to the names that you called me. 
However, I have a glimpse of where this path is taking me.
And I know where I will go. 

Truthfully, I feel like I have endured a long battle.
There were moments of peace and then there were times of attrition.
I still have the scars from the campaigns I have participated in.
Now, I can leave the battle behind and continue on my way.

For so long I allowed myself to feel guilty for what I had been through with you.
The transgressions I had caused and the sins I will always bear on my soul
It has been some time since those old wounds healed, but they prepared me
For this one last battle I had with you.

The difference between me and you is that I have been to the precipice.
I have seen how low a person will go just before they decide they can go back up.
I have caused so much pain, strife and betrayal.  
Living on the streets as if it was my penance for all the things I have did wrong.

There have been people out there who loved me more than you could have.
There have been those who have given me a helping hand when you refused to.
There have been those who have given me shelter after I raised my hand to them in anger
There have been those who went out of their way to help me when I was left sick.

I will pick up the pieces like I did before and after you.
Go on my way towards the success I will achieve.
I would rather find someone who loves me for me.
Sees the real me rather than keeping stringing me along
That is not what I signed up for; that is not who I am.

We both did wrong to each other and I no longer care.
I just want to keep on moving and leave you back there.

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Tommy Delgado

It has taken me a long time to learn that art. Still learning it.