Poem -

My Mother and My Father

My father is the bright light shining
He glows red and white

He is growing green and gray
fire, warmth, and light

When in the darkness I can not see
It is he who give me sight

My mother is the absences of
The pitch black dark of night

She is the shade and and cooling rain
A mirror of sunshine in glowing moonlight

The well of rest and deep reflection
Where I go to rest before the fight

My father is always clear and easy to see
He is a record of facts, a rule of law

He is a strategic huntsman outside of time
Self sacrificing, disciplined, defender of one and all

My mother is a mystery a secret not often shared
A truth not easily learned or easy to know

She is wisdom words alone can not teach
Found at the end of trials that help us grow

My father is unshakable and determined
My strength within
A power of will, and action as reliable as the sunrise

My mother is a ruthless protector with sharp teeth
Passion in my soul, desire in my flesh and sadness in my eyes

My father is logic and reason
My intelect and knowing right from wrong

My mother is a cauldron of change
A raging storm, an erotic dance, a long and beautiful song

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