Poem -

My name is shadow

My shadow is my best friend 
it sticks with me through thick and thin
little does it know 
I'm not worth following
little does it know 
that when it's dark
it's when I need it most
little does it know
that when I can't see it
i can't feel it's warmth
because it's hugs feel like an ice shower with a thousand knifes attached
even though, it's giving me a hug 
So I walk around with this information 
withholding it from my shadow
i feel like it's in my grasps
Like I'm a controlling monster

Hello, my name is depression, that's spelt SHADOW.
i slink around and become your friend
then at night I let other monsters like me get in 
They don't have camouflage, they don't know you like I do. 
I'm you're best friend

Hello, my name's Bianca. 
We met earlier before
my shadow and I have become even closer over time, we get along much more. 

I told my shadow what I told you 

he got mad at me 
It's been a few weeks since you and I spoke
it's nothing personal 
it's not a joke 
my shadow wants me to spend more time with him
he likes to keep me in the dark 
he says sleeping only brings on nightmares and leaving the house brings on my ticks

Hello again
I don't remember when we last spoke 
my shadow is persuasive 
that's to say the least
I'm tired of following his rules

Hello, you know my name 
but maybe you don't know my shadow's trying to kill me
I'll beat him to it though 
I love you guys but today
I made up my mind 
I've got to go 

Hello, my name is Shadow 
I'm you're problem now 
the last girl hung herself
and slit her wrists a bunch of times
Now as for you, you look cold 
Maybe we should get you in 
turn off the lights 



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Tony Taylor

Wow! HANNAH!!..... this is amazingly creative!!......a kind of off beat and scary narrative speaking to the heart of depression and lunacy...... reminds a little of Poe's "The tell-tale Heart" in its eerie partnering of the SHADOW character (or life-force)...... well conceived and BRILLIANTLY delivered in your formatting dear poet sister......PINNED!!.....this is a stunning début piece here!!...... well done..... and .....WELCOME to COSMO !!.......LOVE and ROCKETS!!.....T xo 😉☀✴✳


hello... such a  strong confident piece of writing. depression is a nasty thing... really great wording , throughout this,,,,