Poem -

My plague

My plague

My chest is tight
I'm burning up
My cough cuts
Spewing infected cells
Into the face of a thousand men
And I'm laughing
Amused by my faith

The doctors lurk
Behind clouded masks
Staring at me 
Through splintered glass

"When will he die,
We need the bed"

Not long now
I'm nearing my end

It stings, this suffering
But liberating at least
To know that death exists
To know he has begun his feast

I need to depart
My heavy feet 
Have stomped on 
long enough
This virus
This plauge
It's just the start.

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Gerard McGowan

Thank you, just a another scare tactic I believe.

Marion Price

Relevent is what comes to my mind. Again...a very powerful write Gerard, I think this new virus will devastate the world...possibly bring us to our knees and humble us. I believe we are currently underestimating its power, I hope I'm wrong 💕

Gerard McGowan

I hope so too, it must be terrible over there, I pray for those people.


Woah on behalf of a corona virus victim?? Wow congrats on being selected of the nominees for this is a fabulous poem. Darkish and scary quite cuts to the bone as this virus spreads worldwide. Kudos. 

plz Pleez do read and review  my newest poem for humour laugh and a smile, interaction via comments is fun don't you think?


We have,In recent times, have quite a few scares..Ebola, Sars and now this. I have friends stocking their cupboards preparing for a seige one would think is just around the corner...I guess I am a little more cynical these days and advocating   thorough handwashing before preparing and eating food, encouraging people to use hankerchiefs to catch coughs and sneezes, avoiding crowded places where  possible ( cinema/theatres and restaurants) and waiting and seeing if this is more a scare tactic rather than a pandemic...I think it will get a little worse before it gets better..but better it WILL get..love the edginess to this piece Gerard and the slightly sardonic tone you have given it..An altogether good read my friend and a worthy nomination! Lodigiana x

Gerard McGowan

Personally I think my poem " the plague" is one of thee worst poems I ever wrote and certainly does not deserve a nomination, it's my typical boring monotone scare crap, there is much better works out there that should be nominated.

​​​​​​As for the theme, I believe this will get worse before it gets better, I recently watched a program on Netflix called " pandemic", it's actually scary how we are so fragile, the flu is what will wipe us out.

Thanks for your kind comment lodigiana.