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Four billion old in years our Earth has much to think and tell,
By gravity held  in a universe for in Planet Earth we dwell.
The larger being the sun gives us continuity of light,
A satellite of three our moon is seen at night.

The moon though barren controls the seas and tide,
Our poles to North and South they always both abide.
The Universe planets move in magnetical orbit,
They attract then repel  and not ever are morbid.

The seasons created by earth is by rotational sloping,
Four seasons in all mathematically hoping.
Round the planet our sun four seasons appear,
From any one four and then its back in a year.

H2O is our surface by 70 percent,
vegetation and trees and anything meant.
An interior ever active with metal that's crux,
The water is outward and creates magnetical flux.

From Oceans to Land Forms, men evolve and they thrive,
They. in spite of the 'Ice Age' with others survive.
Most are content to exist but others strive higher,
Singular is for many but these others aspire.

To be famous and feted by others is sought,
and to get there with conquest and slaughter is nought.
To become a great leader whom others will plod,
I will look at some history and avow I know God.

Now man the great leader he believes in himself,
To continue control he does it by stealth.
Agreement is vital, destruction is linked,
99% of Earths Species are already extinct.

I look up in the night sky and what do I see?
There are stars and are planets who in orbit agree.
I accept from the Scientist the gravitational course,
That keeps the Universe working as a dominant force.

I see wonders in a dark sky that's lit by the moon,
A trailing white Comet whose end will come soon.
The Comet once planet was locked among three,
It obeyed the law Physics and Quantum Gravity.

Attraction, repulsion we entirely agree, 
But something went wrong and the planet broke free.
Rejoicing and hurtling it travelled no heed,
But Quantum the Physics it increased its speed.

It had been a planet a satellite of but three,
Now hurtling elated through the Galaxy.
Now in space Quantum Physics is the ultimate Lord,
Increased the Comet  to 'Burn-out' it couldn't afford.

Mechanics are quantum but they don't all agree,
So don't add to the question of force gravity.
Universe the foundation we must not be aloof,
So with Scientists , Researchers they have logical proof.

If others have reasons for what was mankind,
Then many do follow with great peace of mind.
Religion proclaims creation by God and his host,
The Father, the Son and the Holiest of Ghost.

The proof by the Scientist makes ultimate sense,
Electrical theory of positive and negative always intense.
If Quantum in Physics behaves as it should,
My Planet the Earth gives us life that is good.


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Joseph Dixon

The poem relates to the evolvement of the Planet Earth and how we are held in a Satellite of three. The Sun and Moon control tides and seasons. Emphasis made upon the magnitude of Gravity which controls our Universe this is proved by Quantum Physics and although accepted by Religion the prime factor of 'Creation' is God which is a statement rather than a proof. There is much to consider from the beginning of 'man'. to the fact that 'man' has much to blame himself for. A leader evolves through a route of manipulation but then seeks to 'dominate' the rest. Some responsibility must lay with foregoing leaders have contributed with 99% of 'Planet Earths' species no longer exist. The beauty of the evolvement of our species is highlighted and the 'majesty' of the Universe we live in is highlighted through Quantum Science. The feelings I have expressed have been made with a passion disguised through the beauty I feel with English verse in Poetry.