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My Poetry

My Poetry

Don't know what this guy would do
Without you peeps to brighten my day
You're worth more than all the gold in the world
Just to hear what you all have to say

The difference between a happy and sad day
Between sunshine and cloudy skies
With each of the loving words you send me
You turn my lows into highs

Happiness is free, it's there for the taking
Reach out and grab hold of the ring
Though some days we lose sight of this fact
And we lose our desire to sing

It doesn't take special talent or knowhow
We all have the ability to laugh
But sometimes though, life has a nasty habit
Sending negatives right off the graph

So when this happens, grab hold of the ring
Hang on for dear life, I implore
Till whatever's causing you grief and despair
Disappears and your faith is restored

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