Poem -

My Truth

My Truth

Young and crazy
Liberty was the air I breathed
I loved life and I loved you, 
because I loved me

Trusting you changed everything
Took life by the horns
Took love by the thorns
Gave myself until i was torn
Listening, believing all the lies

You couldnt see i was beautiful 
My feelings were never meaningful
Your pencil wrote unkind things right through me
I believed them, swallowed them
like a bitter drink and told myself I liked it. 

I stepped into your cage
Closed the door behind me
Bars were closing in, trapped
I turned around and couldnt find me
Pushing against your ego
Bruises rised to the surface
I was terrified
I was scared
I was submissive to my fears

Shards of mirror, are so much clearer
Then a reflection that is whole
I saw into my shatterd heart
There is pain and there is cold 
I couldnt feel my soul
Everything is capable of falling now
Into a mine of melted gold

Bursting at the rim with vengence
Hot liquid dripping from my eyes
Those words of lies, burning deep inside a pit of resentment  
I am ready to let go!
I am ready to break the cycle
I am ready to survive

The woman who loved life is transforming
The woman who loved you has awoken
The woman who loved me is risen from the dead
And the gold seals the cracks that were broken

I am shaken up
I am waking up
I am alive 
I am courage
I am strength
I am beauty
I am freedom
I am everything you tried to take

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Violet Freese

Good read alot of emotions in this
violet can your 6"