Poem -


when a king beds his princess


What is the cost of this prize  you won?
To bed a father and bear his son
This is a tragedy m/lady  I swear
By all the unholy things you dare
Is this not a black mark in history
Despite the fair radiance of Adonis rare
Is such a reason for the guise 
Worth the price paid by father and son?

In all the kingdom of Greece so vast
Down from all the royal lineage cast
Not the curse your tricks have done
Brought about misery and not fair won
Let this remark burn in your ears
You are quite a bitch aren't you 
my dear


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Violet Freese

I was hoping mythology is not a lost study The story of how she 
was the mother of Adonis and how she tricked the old king her father
into getting knocked up is an interesting myth.  An intriguing back story.
Old Myrrha was a devil.