Poem -

Never Pricks....

Never Pricks....

To meet you is, i’d say, quite rare,
its just I never see you there.
Or maybe you just block my way
so I dont see you here today

i’m not quite sure now where you were
when in good faith I should have know,
but nothing stops me in my tracks
when claiming praise I didn’t  own

And when I spoke what I thought truth
no matter that it caused such pain,
I didn’t see you anywhere
so clearly I’d do it again!

To cheat a bit must be ok?
i’m sure it’s something we all do,
and what  about a little lie
that’s fine, i’m sure that’s ok too

I never see you standing there
a darkened spectre hard to see,
so I behave just as I please,
my conscience doesn’t bother me!

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You are the last person to not be pricked by their conscience hun!!  I think it must have been the convent school education! ..but nonetheless I love this write on how easily we could ignore our conscience...and so many do!! Love this 

Tony Taylor

Hi LO!! You come up with the most interesting subject matter to write on!!.... and as usual..... you've done a STELLAR job with this...... making anyone who reads this feel totally guilty for just being themselves!! (smiles)...... this poem is SO good that I think I'll just go kill myself because I'm such a bad person!! (more smiles)...... No, seriously, this is an excellent write..... and definitely hits the nail on the head!!..... ALL STARS!!..... well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )


Hi Tony...sometimes I don't quite know what goes round my head but occassionally  a word or a thought will set me off thinking and as I am sure you know..a poem is always lurking around inside our heads somewhere just waiting to come out.  and unfortunately...  .not always on a subject matter one  would ever have thought of!!!!      but truth be told I think that poetry is sometimes a way of actually expressing what secretly we wish we could act out....but would be too embarrased to admit to...Thanks so much for reading and commenting..and please dont worry we all have a bit of bad in us my friend..(Big knowing smiles!!)   Love xxx

Barry Childs

Beautifully written, as usual, Lodi, I love it and the sentiment. 
Now I feel a little guilty.
Barry x


Thanks so much Barry...I am guessing  our 'club' is actually pretty big! so don't feel guilty !! ..thank you for your support which is so welcome and appreciated my friend.
Lodi xx