Poem -

No answer

I asked that question with all my heart, and you never gave me an answer.

You said you would think about it, and I said that was okay.

But when you said you'd be back before the sun comes up, I waited.

I couldn't sleep, I couldn't breathe, thinking of what you might be doing.

The light came the next day, and you never came.

You ran away from the decision.

You avoided your pain, and left me with both of ours.

You didn't come back, day after day, and every day that went by, I lost a little bit of hope.

It's been years, and you now decide to crawl back to me with an answer.

Yes, I look different; I'm smaller and skinnier.

Because over the last few years, I've lost a lot of hope.

It's hard to heal from what you did to me, for it still hurts to this day.

You see, a firm no right away would've hurt like a quick bandaid.

But, I never got a bandaid, I never got an answer, and that's worse than a no.

It feels like, every day, that unspoken answer tears me down a little bit every day.

And that long-lasting pain, it never goes away, because I never got an answer.

I never had something to ensure myself closure.

I never had the chance to stop with you, and you've always been dragging on my heart.

I know you want to take it all back, I know you want to take me back.

I'm sorry, but it's too late.

I already found someone,

Someone to help me recover,

Someone that will give me answers.

I've already moved on.

I'm sorry, but now I'll give you the answer you never gave me.


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