Poem -

No Fair!

No Fair!

No, I'm not that way, why do you say?
I don't-uggh….. It's not fair, you know,
the way You look at me.
No, I won't say it, it's not true,
I can't feel that way!

No no no no nono,
Not gonna go, I won't be that way,
No matter how cute you're blushing,
I didn't look then anyway,
It not fair, don't do this me!

I'm not supposed to do this,
not supposed to be a blushing mess in front of you!
I want to find a nice girl and live my whole life through,
It's no fair that you come in and set my brain askew!

It's not fair she's gone now,
I'm feeling mixed up inside,
it's no fair you're here now,
causing me to look your way!

Why can't I just move on then,
we can both be responsible guys,
Ignore the blush that's rising,
sparkle in both of our eyes...

Oh screw it...
No Fair!

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Cherie Leigh

Hi D....Life can certainly be confusing with all the emotions we feel and want to sort through to find peace....Our conscious can be cruel sometimes...New experiences confusing too....You portray this well.....Hang in there. xo ((hugs))