Poem -

No More

No More

Heavens slashing golden tower has broken and tumbled down mountains and into the sea,
Now the peasants jump in and swim till they can no longer breathe.

Columns crumble with the gentle push of the whale, the peasants jump in and steal the most their arms can hold,
Crystals and otherworldly possessions touch the dirty greed fused hands.
The town next to the sea thrives,
Gold runs down every twine of grass,
Lovers exchange a champagne glass,
Hands surf the wave, and pity those that are away.

Small towns turned gold mines,
Vistors run from both sides
"What's there to see"
Angel blood on the walls,
Star dust on the shelves of the gods.

Streets run thin, waters overflood
The priest bathes in the gold stained blood,
Foot traffic slows, water overflows.
The people are shoved closer towards the center of the city, now they start to narrowly worry of the affects of the cruel Consumer.

As water rises above the ankle of every person there,
Angels land on the surface of a slowly drowning world,
All is lost,
But what is the cost?
Will freedom be stripped by infinities stone, I'm falling!
The angels twist with frustration and sink into the ground below,
The peasants look up and see incredibly giant planets coming straight for the world!
Moments pass slow, the moon gets struck and trails behind in peices of it's form before,
The final flash explodes
Theres nothing that holds
The spine of the earth in the event of a collapse, now follow the falling of the planets,
Will they crash?
Will they fall forever?
Humanity will be wiped, black holes shall consume the night and infinities dust will tuck in existence.

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Hello Jose...

Now that that there's so much technology the hackers will probably wipe them out with no way of recovery...

Some people have to just learn the hard way...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...