Poem -

Not ready to sleep.

Shadows all around me, 
slowly fading away,
it's almost midnight, 
but I'm not ready to sleep,
all the good that I do,
doesn't seem to be noticed,
all the clear words I say,
are misconstrued and maligned,
she wants to take me away on road trips,
but hates it when I'm home all day,
feels like I'm a gladiator fighting in the arena,
she's has that touch that makes me feel so alive,
she has that look that stops my heart dead,
shadows all around me,
slowly drifting by,
its almost midnight,
but I'm not ready to sleep.

She wrote me letters,
that made me fall in love,
we made many promises,
and some have been broken,
we've smelled the roses of springtime,
and danced in the summers rain,
we've been to many places,
and imagined many others too,
we cry in separate rooms,
we just smile and wear our brave faces,
shadows all around us,
wearily standing by,
its almost midnight,
but we're not ready to sleep.

There are mountains,
too steep to climb,
there are rivers, 
too deep to cross,
there was an ocean,
that divided us,
but we've forgotten that,
the road we're on,
just makes us feel lonely and weary,
the sky is always heavenly blue,
but we stare at the blackened ground,
shadows all around us,
just stand weeping and alone,
its almost midnight,
but we're not ready to sleep.

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