Poem -

Just a little rain.

We met in the early summer of our years,
and felt the pains of life and tasted its tears,
from our eyes we released the old pain,
to savor the soothing waters of loves fountain, 
from fruitless fields to plump pastures,
we grow in revealed raptures.

This is our long summer of loves laughter,
and a little rain will always dry after,
but my lingering clouds do bring the storms,
I look to thee to provide my shelter,
and remove my crown of thorns,
embracing loves truth together.

Some days, the clouds wander,
in front of summers sun,
but we know its temporary, 
still enjoying our season of fun,
its the merry dance after the rain,
that brings pleasure and releases pain,
standing in puddles,
when the clouds have dropped,
still holding on,
when the winds have rocked.

Oh, the sweet bliss of your kiss,
ohhhh, the sweet bliss of your kiss,
embrace me in your salvation,
.....save me,
save me from personal damnation,
ohhh, the taste of your kiss, 
the sanctuary of your sweet loving kiss,
I never want to miss.

There is a connection between our eyes,
when they look, its easy to recognize,
for it is,
the purest love we generously give,
and love is the only reason to live,
...the only reason to live,
storm winds reveal my scarred soul, 
so bare, ohhhh so bare,
just a little rain here and there,
just a little rain here and there,
wrap your love around me, 
protect me,
love me,
ohhhh, darlin',
love me,
ohhhh, save me,
all these things I will do for thee.

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