Poem -

14 YEARS...

He said...
I don't love you
So i pondered this fact
He said...
I don't need you
My surprise was his snack

He said....
I am leaving
Now, this gave me some pause
As I watched him remove
All his clothes 
From the drawers

He said...
I'm not sorry
You deserve all you get
You're a cold hearted bitch
14 years not well spent!

He said....
I've a new love
And she gives me more
So I tried for some tears
As he walked out the door

But I found I was dry
I just couldn't cry
So I followed him out
And said
Good luck you trout

Here are your slippers
And please don't come back
And whatever you do
Do not take the cat

And I searched for some sadness
To mark this event
But I found myself thinking
14 years!
Not well spent

And my lover was waiting
I had places to be
And isn't it lovely
To be finally
Marion Price(2019)

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Tony Taylor

LOL!! LOL!!.... how charmingly humorous and sadly immoral at the same time....... but it's definitely the final stanza that makes the big impact here....I burst out laughing in fact when I read that the lover was waiting in the wings!!.......ALL STARS!!.... lots of fun my friend!!..... well done......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧❤

Marion Price

Ha...I have to give my dark side a rest sometimes Tony, lol😆....so glad you enjoyed and thankyou, as ever, for your comments and input, hugs and hugs 💕💕

Cherie Leigh

Oh wow!  That ending changed the whole tone of where I thought this was going...lol  It seems it was long overdue for him to go after all those miserable 14 years, and she already had her foot out the door for a new life and love...lol....Good for her!  Great build up to the end.  I enjoyed this.  Thanks for sharing.  xo ;) 

Marion Price

Ha...so glad you enjoyed Cherie, thankyou ...hugs 🌹💕