Poem -

once loved

once loved

I wrote my name across your chest
You told me you loved me the best
We’d be the best of friends forever
And we’d always be together

If us back then could see us now
They’d hate us for the view
They’d never know the why or how
That tore up me and you

Yet now we’re friends, it’s all old news
We laugh at what we thought we’d lose
We’re still best friends, you’re still the one
It’s different here than where we’re from

My husband loves you, knows you well
The way your girlfriend does with me
She loves me too and I do her
She sees the me I need to be

The thing we were it wasn’t real
We made up things we’d like to feel
We made each other all there was
But that can’t last, it never does

I love the way we are these days
How hard it was to gain control
We never thought that we could see
Each other love another soul

And now the soul you love I love
Because of what she gives to you
She’s everything I dreamed dreams of
The kind of love to get you through

We broke it and we failed at us
The way we thought we needed love
But now we love the way we need
There’s so much more of us to read

There’s no more drama just the chill
We sought this in each other once
We got it wrong as people will
But you will always be my one

So thank you I’m glad we’re okay
And all the years that pass us by
I love you more with every day
But you no longer make me cry