Poem -



So If to be? then still I am
in dregs of existence  consuming air
Stale space echoes in my head
thoughts stuck with banal aware

Waiting in splintered life aspire
Thwarted in movement and caress
Spiking some to static statues
and others rebels in muddled message mess

In asking though my voice is mute
all ears are closed to my background plead
Can all speak to me in tongues of promise 
clasp my ebbing essence from recede

Like a star in a bygone picture show
now erasing of moving coloured shapes
greyed to saddened missing outlines
only choked shadows of before in escapes 

Cold disjointed atoms disperse
into forgotten tomorrows at today's knowing 
and all I was or perhaps yet to be
here? there? anywhere? Still OnGoing!

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