Poem -

Our dickhead neighbour


Our dickhead neighbour

Our neighbour
He really thinks he is all that
Truth be told
He's just a prat .

He struts like he's something special
He thinks he's the best cards dealt
Truth be told
He's just a melt .

He's patently a fool .
And definitely not cool
How unfortunateĀ  To live next door to him.
Held in contempt , He's in my head
- Hence this angry poem about him

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I have had strutting stuck up neighbors so I enjoyed and laughed at this clever witty fantastic ranting poem. Would he get to read it?Ā 
It was fun to read the rhyming and wording that you chose to describe him. Kudos.

plz pleez do read and comment on my newest poem too, plz don't forget to.