Poem -

Out on a Limb

I'm stuck with a person who gets me quite well,
She funny and smart, and it's going quite swell,
she knows all my secrets, my dark sordid past,
her heart and her words make me think this will last.
I'm out on this limb, I'll take up this hope,
and Just in case, I handed her the rope,
So it's up to her now, whether I hang or I fly,
If she should choose plan 2, I die.
So Im out on the limb, and she's got my noose,
As long as she's okay, It should stay loose,
but should she figure, my time has gone by,
this time is the last one, so then, I die.
I'll follow her faithfully, where she might go,
listen to her commands, when she says no,
she understands what I can and won't do,
I'm tempted to think this time it is true,
For if she'd conned me, the days will flash by,
the day that I realize is the day that I die.
So I'm grasping this limb, and begging her to slow,
for I no longer really want to let go.
I've stood here for years now, wanting to fly,
knowing at the end, I'd most likely die,
I want to stay here, on this branch with her,
regardless what penalty life will incur,
If I can't be happy, I won't trouble my head,
for if I can't be happy, I'll just be dead.
I'll just sit here.
without fear.

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Cherie Leigh

Hey D....I am so happy for you that you have found a girl that you really like and you two seem to be really connecting and she understands you, accepts your past struggles, and identifies with you.  I just have to say, as a mom and your friend, that even if things did not last, you are still great and life goes on regardless...You are deserving of love and happiness.  Life can be unpredictable with joys and sorrows.  Of course I want you happy and fulfilled in life.  Just remember that you have to believe in yourself, first, in order to give to another of yourself.  You cannot compare a past in love and you cannot give up if the present love is not the final "one"......I am so glad that you are inspired and hopeful....Just be yourself and know you are deserving of that love you receive...Enjoy it!  Love is worthy to pursue.  Love n Hugs, xo Cherie ;)