Poem -

Out On The Town

Out On The Town

Saturday morning, Linda and I dressed up, we were headed “Out On The Town”;
The first stop was our Temple, my Father’s memorial had rolled around!
In our religion, we honor the departed, the week they left our sides;
Once a year, their names are called out, so sad that they have died!
We asked a member of the congregation, to photograph us with Linda’s phone;
This is what she captured, her skills so very well-honed!
We were amazed at how well it came out, like a professional quality;
Who do our readers think looks better, is it Linda, or is it me?
After the services had ended, we had a craving for a big steak;
But we decided to have it at home, for no one better than me can make!
So, our day on the town ended early, our abode our picas to sate;
We undressed, and I cooked a repast, for my unbelievably beautiful Soulmate!
Dressed to the nines
But after only one stop
We stripped for strip steaks


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Cherie Leigh

HI Larry and Linda!  What a great picture and story....I love how you two do everything together and have such reverence for that time too....I enjoy all your postings.  xo

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

We turned a sad day of remembrance, into a joyful celebration of my Father's life.  Then we returned home, to have a gourmet meal, and celebrate our own lives.
As always, thank you for your treasured words, that mean so much to us.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx