Poem -



Pain makes me,
Pain breaks me,
Expiration date there is none,
Once open to all now shut down and done,
Pain vs. happiness who’s gonna win,
Pain vs. happiness 3,2,1 let the fight begin,
“You’re Insane” people yell because I don’t mind pain,
It may hurt but in the end there’s always something you gain,
Sure, happiness won’t hurt but in the end it will,
It’ll end and you’ll be back on your antidepressant pill,
Yet pain is forever and happiness is not, 
Pain will give you something in return and that something can’t be bought.

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Charu Shawd

What an expression, deeply rooted to the actuality of life. 
pain gives endurance, resilience, submissiveness and clarity ofcourse

pain can b the best Ally n teacher.
very well penned down ✍️
Welcome to Cosmo 


Ru T

Welcome to Cosmo. There are always 2 sides to the coin. Without darkness we wouldn't know light. Hugs. Ru x