Poem -

Painted Red and Blue

My body, his canvas.
A piece of artwork I stand, 
in a gallery of secrecy.

Locked away by bolted doors
I sketch a veil
of liquid smiles,
an artistic trait I adopted.

My body, is his alone.
my skin, is his muse.
A masterpiece only he 
can take pride in.

He strikes 
colours that speak 
of lust and passion
upon this pale surface.

He creates rose petals 
with bold acrylic 
to blush
my ivory complexion. 

Violent spills, Viole-t spills 
along paper skin 
like water washed ink
with conflicting hues.

This painting screams
with pain of lost love
pleading for recognition
of his expressive talents.

My voice 
swoons in twisted air of 
The Starry Night, 
lost in silence.

Framed on a wall
my portrait, trapped as 
the girl who couldn’t smile,
hollow eyed and closed lips.  

My body, his canvas.
Painted red and blue,
bloody and bruised
by the bristles on his knuckles

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Leight ...

Thank you, I’m overwhelmed with the positive responses I’ve received so far, I’m glad you enjoyed this piece 

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Leight!  This was awesome...At first I thought this might be a passionate write of how he owns her body with love....but NO!  Sadly, it "paints" a tale of abuse and feeling trapped...Very emotional in its deep descriptive verses that give the full "picture" of what is truly a portrait of pain....Great work!  Well thought out!  Welcome to Cosmo xo   

Leight ...

Hey, thank you for you comment, I’m so glad you picked up my intentions with this piece, often domestic abuse is hidden behind the front of a loving relationship so I wanted to capture that with subtle hints, I’m so glad it paid off for this piece, I felt it added that extra depth whilst writing aha

‘They’ say paintings hold so many secrets so it was where this piece originally stemmed from.
thank you once again 

Simon Bromley

Very creative and sad piece! Just in case you're not aware you can like a poem, vote if you think its good enough  for contest and pin to add to your favourites.  I have done all 3! Well done.