Poem -

The Empty Space

I find my self falling
into the indents of the sheet
white silhouette
of the place you used to sleepΒ 

I wrap my arms over,Β 
the emptiness left behind
comfort by embracing
what was only in my mind.

Lost in the creases
of a sea that feels so vast
stranded with a memory
of what capsized in the past.

Replaced by an anchor
breathing ardour came to restΒ 
where your waves used to kiss me
as you drifted on my chest.
Painting with constellations
like the ones we used to find
I’m pining to the moon
for a chance to just rewind.

Searching for your smile
that was taken to the skies
here I drown in sorrow
of the freedom in your eyes.

Sinking with the motions
apathetic to stay afloat
as I submerge into darkness
on a quilted sailing boat.

Cursed with the promise
spoken as your last breathΒ 
desolate I drift
mourning the lulls of death.

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Leight ...

Thank you again, I’ll be sure to check out your profile soon :D

Leight ...

Thank you, I’ll be sure to check out your profile when I find some time :D

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Beautiful, yet sad and wistful, Leight....The feeling of loss and emptiness from that void...I think many can relate to that pain.Β  I love the last ending lines....very poetic and powerful.Β  I love your work...had to pin this one. xo ;)

Leight ...

That’s so nice of you to say, I try to capture as much emotion in my writing, everything I write about is only what I could imagine something being like, I never write personal experiences so it’s great that I managed to deliver a relatable poem but sad at the same time others can relate to it. Thank you once again, I’ll be sure to check out your work more :D